The Original en-GAGE Event

en-GAGE was a 2-day long event held in November of 2018, comprised of speaker presentations, a moderated panel, and interactive workshops. Through this event we gave Grade 8, 9 and 10 students the opportunity to “Get A Grip on Entrepreneurship”, and the chance to learn, interact with other students, and apply the knowledge that they gained through the presentations to the two interactive workshops (one of which involved groups of students presenting their own entrepreneurial creations).

The event was an astounding success as over 175 students from 3 local, Kingston schools were in attendance over the course of the 2 days. After comparing the data collected from our Pre-Event and Post-Event surveys, we saw that students felt that their understanding and interest regarding entrepreneurship increased greatly.

Students learned…

  • The fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • About entrepreneurial opportunities available to them in the community


  • To inspire entrepreneurial creativity in a collaborative environment
  • Through our online social media platforms and website

And applied…

  • Knowledge gained from speaker presentations as well as prior knowledge to successfully complete our workshops
  • Newfound knowledge to their lives (Participating in Summer Company, DECA, etc.)