Why we should stop using the term “Girl Boss”

“Girl boss”, it sounds so empowering and hopeful doesn’t it?

As if we’re headed toward gender equality in the workplace, or maybe even all around the world.

Yet once you start to consider why we use this term, we seem to take two steps back after the three steps forward we thought we were taking. Why must we put girl in front of the word boss?

When we refer to men in control at work we never think to say boy boss. In fact, I bet most of you would assume the title would become man boss instead of boy. It’s because for years we’ve seen females as ‘girls’ and males as ‘men’ and no one ever thinks twice about it. Even looking back to the 80’s where women were dressing in pant suits with shoulder pads; clothing that made them look more boxy and ‘masculine’ just to look like they belonged in the workplace. Well guess what, women do belong in the workplace! So why is it that when a woman is bold enough to strike out in the world of business we give her diminishing titles such as girl boss?

And it’s not the first time we’ve done this, look at Super Girl. She can fly and save the world, yet she’s still Super Girl, while her male counterpart is superman. It’s time that we stop this madness. Instead of calling women girls bosses, why don’t we simply call them bosses. If you’re complimenting them, just say they’re successful and talented. Don’t degrade them simply because “it’s a catchy slogan.” Embrace their fearless attitude and celebrate how well they’re doing. They’ve worked hard for their success and should be respected like any man would be.