5 Business Ideas for High School Students

Living in today’s day and age can be rough, and the skyrocketing cost of living isn’t making things better. So, here are 5 businesses that students (high school and above) can run to make some extra cash.

1. Social media influencer:

We live in the era of technology, where people live their lives on social media. Being a social media influencer you can get a lot of followers by simply doing what you love. Whether it be reviewing brands, making tutorials or educational videos you can do it all on social media. Eventually, you will be able to generate income through your account by selling promoted posts to brands that have the same aesthetic as you.

2. Selling handmade goods:

If you think that your DIY’s are eye-catching and unique, then this business idea may be the one for you. By making and selling handmade goods such as dreamcatchers, signs, paintings or whatever you do best, you can make money by doing something you love. You can sell your creations online, to local retailers there really isn’t an end to the possibilities of how far you can take your business.

3. Tutoring:

If you think that you are capable of teaching what you have learnt to younger kids, then tutoring may be the right path for you. By teaching kids what you’ve learnt in the past, you are helping them grow as well as getting an income for yourself. This act of kindness can go a long way for you. 

4. Photographer:

Do you think that your photography skills are on point? If so, then taking pictures for people would be the dream job for you. Although there is a significant amount that you would have to invest in order to get the right equipment, but this investment will last you throughout your business. You can generate income by taking pictures for people or selling your awesome clicks online. 

5. Blogger:

Do you have the need to have your opinion heard? Then you may want to consider blogging as an option. By writing about what you are passionate about, you can have your opinions heard by many. Not to mention, by advertising, selling products, or other methods, you can generate an income. This proves, being yourself can really help!

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