3 Ways to Expand Your Knowledge of Business

Whether you’re an overachieving student searching for more than your high school business class, or just an average teen looking to learn more about business, here are three ways you can take your knowledge of business one step further. 

Learn About the Stock Market

Understanding the stock market has countless benefits. It teaches you how companies work, how they fail or succeed, how some products enter the market, how economies impact companies, and more. Investing, a skill fostered in the stock market is also a large part of some aspects of the business. Investing in stocks is also a great way to earn some extra cash. 

Meet With Local Businesses

Businesses are all around us. From the small bakery by your house to your accountant uncle, we are surrounded by business. One of the best ways to learn about a field is to meet with someone who is a part of it. Try finding people in your area working in your dream field and ask to meet up. You can ask questions and maybe even job shadow. 

Take An Online Course 

There are multiple free, online courses available that teach university-level material about business. We highly recommend eDX, a website that gives you access to thousands of courses taught by some of the world’s top schools such as Harvard, Princeton, UBC, and more. 

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