4 Reasons Why YOU Should Take Business in High School

When you think of High School, you think of meeting new friends, learning new things, expanding your horizons, and gaining experience in many different aspects of life. What if I told you that could all be done in one place- Business Class. Business class is the icing on the cake, a perfect class for anyone who likes fun, collaboration and competitiveness- with a lot of learning and skills acquired as well. If you’re looking for an elective to take, look no more. Business is just the right class for you, whether you’re just starting highschool or are on the brink of graduating.

1. You Become an Entrepreneur-In-Training

As stated in the famous proverb, “opportunity did not knock until I built a door,” business class is the perfect opportunity to learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. According to the Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy, 72% of highschool students want to start their own business, and until they join a business class they have no clue about how to run their own enterprise. In business class you learn many valuable things such as how to budget, how to market and sell your service or product, how to franchise and how to attract your target audience. The practical skills learned in business class are unlike any of the skills you learn in regular classes. You learn how to advocate for yourself and you get a firsthand experience at many of the tasks you will experience as an adult such as financing and management.  Even if you are not looking to run your own enterprise, these skills can be used in many aspects of life. You will need to know how to budget and manage money no matter what situation you find yourself in- employer or employee.

2. You Get Many Exciting Opportunities

As a business student, you get fast access to many opportunities to meet like minded highschool students with a passion for entrepreneurship. You could join DECA, an international organization that provides high school and college students networking opportunities, social interactions, real life business scenarios and guest speakers from the business community. Or, you could join THE ORIGINAL EN-GAGE EVENT which is a 2-day long event held by Engaging Young Entrepreneurs  to help students “Get A Grip on Entrepreneurship” comprising speaker presentations, a moderated panel, and interactive workshops. Being able to have a class where you can make presentations and have a creative outlet that isn’t traditionally like most art forms, is a great way to broaden your horizons and delve into new interests. There are so many opportunities to meet people with the same interests as you, and if you like competition and fun, business class is definitely the choice for you!

3. You Learn Teamwork Skills

As a business student, you are always working together with your classmates to solve problems and work towards a common goal. Learning how to effectively manage time and solve pressing issues with others will ensure you are able to bring out your best  skills in a work environment, and will ensure you have a good relationship with your coworkers. In the work environment you will always find yourself with others and it’s important to be able to work effectively with them. In business class, presenting products, doing elevator pitches, and creating enterprises in a group setting will allow you to master the art of teamwork- and it’d be a lie to say it isn’t really fun too!

4. You Gain A Global Perspective

In business class while learning about global affairs and the economy, you are pulled out of your personal bubble and are thrust into the world of others. You gain a much better understanding of how the economy works and how you can make changes in the world. You learn how a business can fluctuate in the ebbs and flows of the economy and how to keep yourself afloat. You also learn the business customs of people all over the world. Through Economics and Accounting, Business, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Consumer and Business Math, Keyboarding and Record-keeping you learn a little more about the world everyday. Not to mention it’s pretty interesting to hear about all the international internship opportunities you can receive as a business student!

So, if you’re stuck on which elective to take, whether you’re a Freshman or Senior, business is the way to go for an incredible class that hits all the bases.

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