3 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

The following podcasts are available for free on the Apple Podcasts app, Spotify, or wherever podcasts are found.

Chatter that Matters

On Chatter that Matters, each week host Tony Chapman interviews a new entrepreneur about their business and seeks advice from three experts on how to improve. These experienced guests make detailed, highly personalized recommendations to make the business more successful, from creating a more clear brand image to giving away company equity. For any student interested in entrepreneurship, this show will demonstrate the importance of being resilient and always seeking new ways to improve. Chapman also includes a discussion about the founder’s inspiration and how their business is serving their community, highlighting the fact that entrepreneurship is not just a job, but a way to change the world.

Not only will you learn about purpose-driven ventures, but you’ll also learn about how businesses are grappling with COVID-19. The podcast gives insight into the ways that the pandemic has impacted a variety of industries, from hospitality to food, and how businesses have adapted to the ever changing situation. One especially appealing thing about the show is that it features many Canadian entrepreneurs, making it a convenient place to discover new businesses to support. With knowledgeable guests, an intelligent host and plenty of inspiring entrepreneurs, Chatter that Matters seamlessly blends educational business tips and heartfelt discussion into one great show.

Startup – Season 1

The podcast Startup is an award-winning show all about starting businesses and the resilience, courage and passion it takes to succeed. The show has covered several different ventures over past seasons, including a church and a charter school, but its debut season is its most fascinating. Season one follows the creation of the podcasting company now known as Gimlet, hosted by founder and now-CEO Alex Blumberg. Startup began as a podcast about the making of a podcasting company, which the host himself even described as “Meta, right?” 

For any student pursuing entrepreneurship as a career, season one of Startup will show you exactly what happens behind the scenes to get a business up and running, from investor pitches to dividing up a company’s capital between its founders. Blumberg not only explores the nitty-gritty details of starting a business, but also reflects on how the project affected his personal life. Startup airs intimate, candid discussions between the founders and their spouses, Blumberg’s financial worries and even the nagging stresses keeping him up at three AM. Despite the fact that at the time of taping, the livelihood of the host and his family was on the line, the show still manages to maintain an upbeat, positive tone sprinkled with humour. Ultimately, Startup is a rare but heartfelt portrait of starting a business, and it’s the perfect podcast for anyone who wants to gain an honest understanding of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Under the Influence

Under the Influence is a show all about the power of advertising. This CBC podcast proves in each episode that a good idea can only get you so far in the world of entrepreneurship, and that no business can succeed without a marketing team behind it. Each half-hour episode focuses on stories from the marketing industry that all center around a common theme—door-to-door marketing, tourism ads and brand mascots have all topics covered by the show. Under the Influence is hosted by co-founder of Pirate Radio and Television and award-winning copywriter Terry O’Reilly, whose own three decades of experience in the industry is frequently sprinkled into episodes. Not only will you learn more about what makes successful advertising and get an insider perspective on the most important moments in marketing history, you’ll also learn fascinating stories about the brands you know and love. Do you know how Ski-Doo got its bizarre name? Have you heard of the legendary sibling rivalry surrounding the brands Puma and Adidas? Or the story behind the epic failure of Target Canada? Check out Under the Influence to find out.

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