We want to start en-GAGING With You!

Welcome to our first post on our blog, en-GAGING With You!

en-GAGING With You is a national online platform where youth can interact by viewing, liking, and commenting on posts created by our Writers located across Canada. The blog consists of 4 main categories: Profiles, Resources, Opportunities, and Opinions. 

The Profiles category will cover different entrepreneurs and their stories, along with local, provincial, and national events related to business, entrepreneurship, and career development. 

The Resources category will include articles describing different digital and community-based support that individuals can reach out to for a variety of things. 

The Opportunities category will contain different chances for students to involve themselves within events and organizations across Canada. 

The Opinions category will consist of different opinion pieces on topics within the areas of business, entrepreneurship, and career development. 

You can search for category-specific posts by searching the category’s name, or by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of our website’s header.

Interested in becoming a writer for en-GAGING With You?

We would love to have you join the team! Make sure to follow our Instagram (linked here) to stay up to date on all of our hiring information.

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